Full Service Translation

Our Full Service Translation service is suitable for you, If:

  • The quality of translation is the most important aspect for you,
  • You want to make sure that you will receive a perfect delivery,
  • You want to make sure that your text is translated by highly respected translators and experts in the relevant area,
  • You want to make sure that the translation you have received does not leave anything to chance and follows the highest international standards.

Under Full Service Translation we will assign your translation to our tested translators, which consist of professionals who has at least 5 years of translation experience and has specialisms in at least one field. Afterwards, we will assign your translation to an experienced proofreader.

Under Full Service Translation, you also get to see the profile and CV of both the translator and the proofreader who will work on your project. Please note that we are unable to share any personal information about the translators or proofreaders for their privacy. However, you can see their previous works and experiences in the field.

If you prefer not to choose your translators and proofreaders yourself, this is completely fine. Our project managers will pick the best ones for you. You can still ask to see the professional profile of the translator assigned to your job by our project manager.

This is the service we offer to our top clients. We deliver the highest quality translations through our Full Service Translations and offer revisions if you are still not happy with the quality. In this regard this service is most commonly used for:

  • All kinds of advertisements, marketing documents and websites,
  • Important company documents,
  • Legal translations and documents that will be used in court proceedings
  • Technical and Medical reports
  • Engineering Manuals
  • Or anything you want to understand concisely without anything lost in translation…

Our Premium Tranlation service costs:

  • £0.18 per word for Region 1,
  • £0.22 per word for Region 2,
  • £0.28 per word for Region 3.
Region 1 Region 2 Region 3
Indonesian Latin America Norwegian
Vietnamese Panama Finnish
Thai Farsi Danish
Portuguese Brazil Taiwan Swedish
Arabic China Japanese
Greek Hong Kong Korean
Serbian Russian Welsh
Romanian Hebrew
Bulgarian German
Bosnian France
Croatian Italy
Slovenian Portuguese
Hungary Canadian French
Polish Spanish
Czech Dutch
Slovak Catalan

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