Budget Translation

Our budget translation service is suitable for you, If:

  • Price of the translation is the most important aspect for you,
  • You are happy to work with translators with less than 5 years of experience or with translation students.
  • Your translation does not require a specialist knowledge.

Under Budget Translation services we will assign your translation to a translator from our pool of budget translators, which consist of students and new translators.

This is especially ideal for translations that does not require a specialist knowledge. In this regard this service is most commonly used for:

  • Identities, certificates or standard official documents,
  • Intra-company communications,
  • Simple and explanatory brochures,
  • Basic instructions,
  • Personal writings, like notes or letters…

You can also use this service for translating manuals or websites, if your focus is on having a budget job rather than an in-depth cultural localisation.

If you are looking for a budget translation service but this service does not fit your needs you may also want to check our Edited Machine Translation Services.

This service is not available for:

  • Highly creative content, including creative websites, any kind of advertisements, ATL marketing materials…
  • Highly technical content, like medical reports, academic researches, court decisions or any kind of legal documents, etc.

If you want us to assign the job to a translator as soon as possible, Our Budget Translation service costs:

  • £0.08 per word for Region 1,
  • £0.1 per word for Region 2,
  • £0.15 per word for Region 3.

If you are not in a rush and prefer us to find a cheaper translator, this is also possible. Please make sure that you have chosen the indicated section in the order form.


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